What will happen if you don’t use your visa and it gets expired

What will happen if you don’t use your visa and it gets expired? There are two kinds of visas: immigrant and non-immigrant. An immigrant visa is for a permanent stay in the destination country, and a non-immigrant visa is for a temporary stay.

If you apply for a visa, you must use the visa to enter the destination country at any time while the visa is still valid. In respect of a non-immigrant visa, if a visa is granted and the applicant doesn’t visit the destination country while the visa is valid, then the following will happen to the visa: -it will be canceled automatically when the visa becomes invalid. The consulate or embassy of the destination country will issue a new visa if the applicant applies again, but it will be limited to the time period of the previous visa, and the applicant will have to go through background checks again. If the applicant doesn’t have the intention of visiting the destination country, it is possible that the consulate or embassy of the destination country will not issue a new visa at all.

However, some netizens have reported that when the visa was granted, for personal reasons, they couldn’t visit the destination country. The next time they applied for a new visa, the system decided they didn’t need to be interviewed again, and they were granted a new visa without any problems or even a re-interview. Others too reported that they didn’t have to go through a rigorous interview process on the re-application, but we cannot confirm the veracity of these claims.

But the most commonly held belief, and a sensible one at that, is that since you were in no hurry to go to the destination country after you got your last visa, or not bothering to use a destination country visa, it is usually a very good sign. This is because someone who doesn’t bother to go to the destination country shows a sign that the person is not so desperate to enter the destination country, and this gives you a lot of points in the eyes of consular officers. That you did not use a visa should not pose any difficulty in securing another one.

However, you must note that while not using your previous one may have earned you some credit, your new application will also take into account your current set of circumstances. As a result, if you are ineligible at the time of your new application, your application may be rejected. Disclaimer: The contents of this video are for general information purposes only. This video is not a substitute for professional advice on the topics mentioned.

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