How to Read WhatsApp messages on PC without the Crypt Key

This tutorial shows you how to read WhatsApp messages on PC without the Crypt Key. You can read WhatsApp messages on PC for WhatsApp Database from Crypt6 to Crypt 12.

Put your WhatsApp Database file you want to read right on your default SD Card; that is,  where WhatsApp stores your Database file primarily.



CLICK HERE to download WhatsApp Tri-Crypt . It’s free of charge. When you are done installing the app, run it and you should find an interface similar to the one below. 

Touch/Click on the ‘Decrypt WhatsApp Database’. The app will automatically detect your database file on your SD Card and then decrypt it. The .crypt6 , .crypt7 or .crypt12 files will be decrypted to the form .db
NOTE: If you are using Android versions 4.4 and above, you don’t need to root your device, if not, then your device needs to be rooted.



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Copy the msgstore.db to your computer.



Now to read the decrypted file, we will use the application called WhatsApp Viewer.
CLICK HERE to download it. Extract WhatsApp Viewer, and run it.
Go to file and click on “Open” and browse for the decrypted file with the name msgstore.db , load it , and click on “Ok”



Now you should find all your contacts and the messages including images.

WhatsApp messages on PC without the Crypt Key


CLICK HERE to download WhatsApp Viewer

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Author: Joel Ameah

18 thoughts on “How to Read WhatsApp messages on PC without the Crypt Key

  1. What it means Put your WhatsApp Database file you want to read right on your default SD Card; plz explain, I have watched video tutorial but I unable to understand

    1. Most phones have both internal and external storage; you have to find out which one is your default storage card.Mostly, where your downloads are stored.

  2. I have lost my phone, so I got a new one. I have a backup of my WhatsApp folder on my computer. So if I copy the backup on to the SD Card of the new phone, with a totally different number on a totally different phone. Will this WhatsApp TriCrypt still be able to decrypt the files for me?

      1. I just ahve another question. If I do not have whatsapp installed at all. Would it still work. Or in other words since I cannot use my old number that I do not have, if I use a new number and install it, would it still work?

  3. i have a problem that my whatsapp database transferred by my friend, finally all the chat that can also be processed by using aplication whatsapp tri crypt, how to make my friend that can not process my database using whatsapp tri crypt aplication

    1. It’s loaded with a Trojan mule..
      Ads.1994 crap and if you are lucky to have an anti virus, you will be saved! 😆
      TriCrypt is a setup!

  4. Hello, i have old backup crypted of whatsapp of a older phone but i havent a key file. Can i open and decrypt this backup? I must copy the file on SD card oh phone and use this app?


  5. i have mgstore.db.crypt12 file on my computer already. but i can not open it to see the content.
    i do not have the whatsapp key also.
    can you help me tp convert this file? by that i can see the content since it really important for my family

  6. Hi
    i have copied the msgstore file from the phone but am not able to get the whatsapp KEY in the mobile
    Can we decrypt the MSG without KEY ??

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