How to Create Picture collage for PC Offline using Picture Collage Maker

This tutorial, will demonstrate how to create a picture collage on your computer using an app called Picture Collage Maker. If you’re an artist, graphic designer or just want to find a simple way to combine as a collage your many beautiful photos, this software is absolutely correct for you.

Most often, people use Photoshop or CorelDraw that are hard to learn and very costly for a normal user to produce picture collage. Picture Collage Maker makes it so easier to create different designs of  Picture Collage. You can also create your calendar, greeting card, invitation card, poster, as well as any photo artwork.

Enough of the preamble! Now, let me show you how to use Picture Collage Maker.

I have provided the link to the download of this software on top of the article which is a trial version and has the full functionalities of the software. But if you think this is exactly the software you have been looking for, I will provide the link to the official buying page at the end of this article so that you can purchase it for a lifetime.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. When you are done installing the software, run it and you should have an interface similar to the one below.

Picture Collage Maker

You have four options to choose from. I am going to show you how to use them.

Create a Blank Collage.

This option helps you to create the design of your choice. Click on “Create a Blank Collage” to begin the process. You should have an interface which will ask you to select your Collage size. Pick any of the predefined sizes that suites your need. I mostly go for “Desktop Wallpaper” since I can set it as wallpaper and print it out. Click “Ok” and you will be taken to the main design screen.


This is where the magic happens. Click on background on your left hand side to select a background of your choice. Click on photo just below Background. Windows explorer will open. Here, you can locate where your pictures are stored by clicking on the folder that contains your pictures. You will see all the pictures; you can then double-click on the pictures to load them to the page. To position a picture, just click on that picture and move it around. Add text to your collage by going to “Add” on top.



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To save the collage as picture, go to File, and then choose “Save collage as a picture. Choose the output format and location you want to save it and then click “OK”.

Template Collage wizard

The software also has a wizard that helps you create collage without much effort.

Choose “Template Collage wizard.” You will see a screen which will ask you to add either individual picture or a folder that contains all your pictures you want to collage.Add your pictures and then click on “Next” and you should see a screen where you can select from different templates available. Choose “Layout” and select the layout you want. Click on “Finish” and you should see a nice collage created. You can set it as Wallpaper or save it as a picture.

Grid Collage Wizard

This helps you to create a grid form of collage. There are lots of mobile apps that can create grid collage but using this software gives you more flexibility and options.  Click on “Grid Collage Wizard” and you should find an interface where you have to add your pictures just as I have shown you above. When you are done selecting your pictures, click on “Next ‘and you will see a screen where you have to select the number of grid based on the number of pictures you want to collage and then choose the grid format.

Click on finish and you will see your beautiful picture collage.


I have totally done away with Photoshop after seeing this app. I have created Christmas Cards I will be distributing this Christmas (You can create Christmas Cards using the Template Collage wizard.).



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