Best Ways to Make Money Online Without Any Investment

Earning money online without any investment is what trending in this global age. Obviously, Earning money online without any investment is what people don’t normally believe.  But trust me, it works and is real.

These techniques are not to show you how to make money instantly I’m not going to teach you a swift way of making money, it doesn’t work for me, and in the long run you’re going to discover you’ve wasted your valuable time and given your money to people and communities who’re looking for ways to snatch your little money. These techniques I’ll show you concentrate on telling you long-standing strategies to help you in the unforeseeable future ,make thousands of dollars. You might already think that nearly all the richest people who made it on the web are ones that started  their own online businesses.

Establishing an internet business and brand is the safest way to make your entire adult life a regular and equitable income. The simple truth is, to set up a business online, you don’t need any unique academic qualifications or perhaps even money. If you do have patience, dedication and persistence, if you have any, you may even end up giving up your job and start earning income that you never dreamed of.

Lets get started with the 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Investments.


1. Start your own website.

Making money with a site, is a great task like beginning your own particular business. It can be a great deal of work, and you frequently don’t harvest the profits till much later down the line. In any case, if you have a thought or vision, and are willing to work hard, there is nothing preventing you from succeeding. Numerous individuals get scared just by the idea of making their own site, but you don’t need to be a PC genius or programming expert to get a site and begin profiting with it.

For a start, you can make a free site utilizing  or,

which all come with a free domain and storage space. You absolutely pay nothing. So, a free domain from will look like Later as you progress, you can opt for your own custom domain name which could look like, You can make a free site or blog and begin offering to the world what you know best or are passionate about. One of the best ways to get noticed on major search engines like, is to write quality and original contents. Don’t copy from other people’s blog, just be unique.

Once you start getting a little more views, you can then apply for adsense account, and ads will show on your website which will make your money. This is how it works; when people visit your site and view the ads that show on it, you earn money for the views. Again, if you are lucky enough and the same visitors end up clicking on any of the adverts that show on your site, you earn more money. Simple!

Apart from adsense, there are other advertisement companies that you can apply for. Do a simple search using this search term, “best adsense alternatives”. However, if you wish to use adsense, on your wordpress site, then you will need to use, a self hosted wordpress site at You may want  to read the difference between and

Another way to make money on your site is by offering what is called, Sponsored reviews.
This is basically a service which a blogger or writer can offer that earns him money for making a review about a particular product. Small businesses or new companies might have the need to publicize something, example, a software they want to offer to the public, you can write an honest review of that software, and you earn money for your thought. How to do sponsored reviews? Search on, you will find lots of articles on that

How much can you make from your site/blog?

Well, I can’t tell you how much money you can make from adsense and other advertisement companies.The amount of money you make depends entirely on the number of visitors and clicks, and the type of adverts that appear on your blog. But I will advice you, don’t focuse on the money when you start, just keep on writing great contents, you will get more views, and, eventually, more money.
As a way to give you motivation, visit this site and read more about people who are making real money through adsense and other advertisement companies.



2. Be an Affiliate Marketer

An Affiliate marketer, is simply a company or an individual, who sells something on behalf of someone or a company, and then earns commission for the sales. Becoming an affiliate is relatively easy. First, you will need to register with an affiliate network, that has products you want to sell. Affiliate networks are completely free to join. Once your account is approved, you can generate a unique link for any product you wish to promote. The products range from digital products, to house hold items. But it is always advisable, to choose products that relate to the topics you treat on your blog, that is if you have a blog. You can earn commission sometimes up to 70% of the cost of the product. Apart from promoting the products on your websites or blog , you can also promote products through solicited emails.

Some of the affiliate networks, I have personally tried are,

avangate, clickbank, jvzoo, mycommerce, and shareasale.

Do a simple Google search with the search term, “best affiliate networks”, and you will find other recommendations.

What methods can I use to promote the products on my blog, and if I don’t have a blog, how can I use emails to promote the products?

If you have a blog or a website? You can write review or do a tutorial on how to use the products you wish to promote, then, you make a call to action, that is, put your affiliate link at the end of the review or tutorial then you ask your readers to click the link, and buy the products. You can also promote the products using Banner ads; these are graphics, text, and pictures that you place on your blog. You can get banner ads from the vendors of the products you wish to promote. If you don’t have a blog, you can promote products through emails by also making reviews, and, or, tutorials and send them as email newsletters, including your affiliate links in them. But make sure you don’t spam anyone, it is illegal. Some of the best and popular email marketing software you can use include, getresponse, aweber, mailchimp, icontact, and campiangner. Mind you, they are not free, but, most of them offer free trial which you can use before you buy. But they don’t cost that much.


3. Make videos and upload to YouTube.

This is one of the best methods that I highly recommend because it is comparably easier to start and make real cash. Yes, it works like magic. YouTube is not only a place where you can watch your favorite videos. It is a good place to make a living. Yes, you can create your own channel, and, upload videos ranging from simple software tutorials, to taking a video of your son’s funny dance, in fact you can upload any video that meets YouTube’s content guidelines, All you need to do is to create a gmail address  if you don’t have one. Go to YouTube, sign in, and then you can create your own channel and start uploading videos. Once you get a little more views, you can then apply for the YouTube partner program, or most often, YouTube itself, will invite you to join their partner program and you can earn money for adverts that show on your videos. One of the surest way to survive on YouTube is to make and upload videos that people are looking for.

Again, as a way to motivate you, visit this site and you will know how much money people are making from, you tube videos, daily.



4. Become a freelancer

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed, and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer. It can practically be called, work from home job. Do you have a skill? are you good at something? Logo design? Graphics design? Website creation? Animation? Typing? Accounting? MS Excel? , just anything you can think of. You can sell your service right from the comfort of your home. You can earn good money for your service and knowledge. All you need to do is register with any of the freelancing websites, create a profile of yourself about the things you can do, and if you are lucky, someone might hire you to work for him or her, you get paid once the job is completed. You can really make good money.

Most of the popular and best freelancing websites include,,, and

You can also do a simple google search if you want more.

Try it and I will be waiting for your feedback.



5. Sell your photos

If you think you’ve got a good shot and a little creativity, try uploading your photographs for free to stock websites. The photos you wish to sell, should be your own, or any that you have the right to sell. You can take pictures from beautiful scenes around you, great pictures from a major world event you attended, and or pictures of celebrities you have personally taken. Make more money selling photo that people, are demanding. You can earn 15-45% of the earnings every time someone downloads your media. Some good places you can start selling your photos are,

Fotolia, shutterstock, and, or, istockphoto

I hope that these methods I have shown you will go a long way to help make income you never dreamt of. So you see how Earning money online without any investment is simple.


This article showed you how Earning money online without any investment

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