Can You Bring Your Unmarried Partner to the U.K. As A Dependent Though You Are Not Married?

When it comes to bringing your partner to the UK as a skilled worker visa holder, one common question that often arises is whether marriage is a requirement for them to be considered as a dependent. The answer is no, not necessarily. While you can certainly bring your spouse, there is also an option to bring your unmarried partner, even if you’re not married to them. In this blog post, we will delve into the details and requirements of bringing your partner to the UK under different circumstances.

**Bringing Your Spouse:**

If you are married to your partner, it’s a straightforward process. You can include your spouse as a dependent on your skilled worker visa application without any additional conditions. This is a commonly known and accepted practice.

**Bringing Your Unmarried Partner:**

Here’s where it gets interesting. If you’re not married to your partner but still want to bring them to the UK as a dependent, you can do so under certain conditions. There is no requirement to rush into marriage if you’re not ready. However, there is a caveat. To bring your unmarried partner with you, you must demonstrate that you have been living together in a relationship that is akin to marriage for at least two years.

**The Two-Year Requirement:**

This two-year requirement is a crucial aspect of bringing in an unmarried partner. You and your partner need to prove that you have shared a life together for this duration, with evidence of cohabitation, shared responsibilities, and a committed relationship. This might involve joint bills, tenancy agreements, or other documentation that substantiates your relationship.

**Challenges and Considerations:**

While the option of bringing in an unmarried partner offers flexibility, it can be challenging for some individuals to meet the two-year requirement. Many people may not have been living together for that long or may not have the necessary documentation to demonstrate the nature of their relationship.

If you find it challenging to meet the two-year cohabitation requirement, the alternative is to get married to your partner. Once married, you can bring your spouse to the UK as a dependent without the need for the two-year period.


In summary, being a skilled worker visa holder does not necessitate marriage to bring your partner to the UK as a dependent. You have the option to bring both spouses and unmarried partners, with the key difference being the two-year cohabitation requirement for unmarried partners. It’s essential to carefully consider your situation and assess whether you can meet this requirement or if marriage is a more practical path for your circumstances.

We hope this information clarifies the options available to you when bringing your partner to the UK. If you have any questions or need further guidance, it’s always advisable to consult with immigration professionals or relevant authorities. Thank you for reading.

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