How to hide hard drive partitions from others

Do you want to hide your hard drive partitions from being known? How to hide hard drive partitions is very easy. Most at times such partition drive may contain confidential or more official information which must be seen by people who normally get access to your computer. Partitioning hard drive simply means dividing the drive into parts for each part to contain or store specific information. Hiding your hard drive partition is very simple to do which every beginner or learner of a computer can attain. Follow these steps to hide drive partitions that contain your important folders and sensitive data from people such as friend or relative who may be getting access to your computer or hard drive information;


Step one

Right click on “my pc” or my computer and hit on manage to pop up computer management window. That is the window that manages every facet of the computer in order to ensure proper performance of the pc

Click on disk management in computer management window to take you to partitioned drives of your computer. Drives are partitioned and lettered as well hence making them more identifiable.


 hide hard drive partitions


Step two

After drives partitioned pop ups, click on the drive you want to hide to pop up a box for “change drive letter and paths” to be tapped displaying “change drive and letter paths” window .

Tap on “remove” and “ok” buttons on “change drive letter and paths” window that has been displayed. Tapping on remove and ok buttons hides the drive name and letter which will not be seen when my computer or my pc is opened.

In order to restore drive go back to disk management again to display the partitioned drives and the drive hidden button. Click on the button of the hidden drive and choose “change drive letter and paths” again popping up “change drive letter and paths” window. Tap on add and ok to restore hidden drive. Now the drive is made identified again when my computer or my pc is opened.




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How to hide hard drive partitions is what this tutorials about

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