How to unlock Huawei K4201 and K4203 USB Modem

This how to unlock Huawei K4201 and K4203 USB Modem tutorial is straightforward and very simple. You will need a Google Plus account. This will helps us to calculate for the unlocking codes online before we can unlock Huawei K4201 USB Modem

CLICK HERE to create a Gmail account and get and unsupported SIM Card. Once you have all the prerequisites, you are ready to unlock Huawei K4201 and K4203 USB Modem


CLICK HERE to  calculate for the unlock codes, This requires active internet. Visit Google and then log in with your Gmail Address. You will be redirected to another page to enter the Model and the IMEI of your modem.Unlock Huawei K4201 USB Modem

The model is K4201 or K4203, and for the IMIE. Look beneath the SIM card position and locate the IMEI

vodafone k4201 modem online decoding



Enter the model and the IMEI number on the online code calculate page, click on “CALCULATE”. Allow the page to load fully before clicking the  “g+1” icon you see, an error message will pop up if the page is not completely loaded. You’ll be given the new and the old Algo codes. Please, make sure to use “NEW ALGO CODE”,how to unlock huawei modem k4201


Insert different unsupported SIM in your modem and insert into your PC. After you insert the modem with the different SIM into the computer, a notification will pop up in your systems tray “Additional log on information may be required. Click to open your browser”. If you don’t see this message immediately, leave your modem in the PC, restart your PC, the message should appear after reboot.

unlock k4201


A web page  with space to enter the unlocking code will open.  Enter the New Algo unlock Code inside the box you see and click on “Unlock”

free huawei k4201 unlock code


After successful attempt, you will see a similar message like this.

Unlock Huawei K4201 and K4203 USB Modem

You must then click on “Configure now” and configure the  APN for the network you want to use with the modem

NOTE:  all the 10 unlocking attempts may not have been used up on your modem, otherwise, this method won’t work.


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