How to unlock or decode huawei e3131 and e303 modems

This tutorial shows you how to decode Vodafone Huawei E3131 Decode Huawei E303 USB Modems You’ll need an account with Google Plus. This will help us calculate online for unlocking codes.

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You will need a Google Plus account to unlock or decode huawei e3131 and e303 modems using this method. This will helps us to calculate for the unlocking codes online. A Google Plus account is also available to anyone with a Gmail address. If you don’t already have one, click HERE to create a Gmail account. You’ll need another SIM card as well. This can be any card with which the modem is not registered or locked. Once all these preconditions are in place, read below for the process


We need to calculate for the unlocking codes for online for the unlock or decode, huawei e3131 and e3030 modems. CLICK HERE to visit the site where we will be calculating for the unlocking codes. The page will open, click on “Sign in with Google+”, sign in also with your Gmail Address. After login you will be taken to a page where you must enter the Model and the IMEI of the modem.

Unlock Huawei E3131

The model is E3131, and for the IMEI, you have two ways to get it. Connect your modem with the original SIM inside, start the software that comes with the modem, and then go to “Tools” choose “Diagnostics”. The IMEI should be there. You can also look beneath your modem, where the SIM card is inserted, the IMEI should be written right there.

 Decode Huawei E303



After you enter the model and the IMEI number, click on “CALCULATE”. The page must load completely before you continue. Click on the “g+1” icon you see, the unlocking codes will automatically be revealed. No allowing the page to load completely will give you  an error message. You will be get both the new and the old Algo codes. Please, use the “NEW ALGO CODE”, that’s what we need to decode or unlock the Huawei e3131 USB Modems.



Now, CLICK HERE to download the Huawei Code Writer which is free. This is the simple application which will help us to unlock or decode your modem. It has a size of less than 1MB yet it is very powerful and effective. Make sure to insert a different unsupported SIM in your modem and insert into your PC. Once you download the Huawei Code Writer, run/open it, you will have an interface similar to the one below.


Unlock Huawei E3131 Decode Huawei E303 USB Modems


Click on “Please select COM Port”. A small window will pop up: click on “Detect”. If your modem driver and software have been properly installed on your PC, the COM Port will automatically be detected: you will need to click on the COM Port that will appear to select it.

huawei code writer

Once you select the COM Port, you click on “Accept”, and then Click on “Unlock Modem”. A small dialogue box will pop up, where you will need to enter the new Algo code. After you enter the unlocking code (New Algo code), click on “OK”. If you see “Send Unlocking command: OK, Unlocking is successful.

unlock e3131


NOTE: make sure you have not used all the 10 unlocking attempts on your modem, otherwise, this method won’t work.


CLICK HERE to download the Huawei Code Writer which is free



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  1. I tried downloading the Huawei code writer but the result is something not an application. when I opened it, I came in the form of a nope pad notes obviously not what I expected. what should I do

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