Who viewed WhatsApp profile, and status

Who Viewed whatsapp profile, and status is a common question many people try to find answers to. WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me?, Is an android app that promises to track anyone who  viewed whatsapp profile, and status.

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I have tested it myself and just taught it wise to share it. This will enable you to answer the question, Who viewed whatsapp profile, and status. Since I am not the developer, I can't tell how it really works and I can't promise you that it works 100%.  
I tested it on my Android, but honestly, I don’t trust the results: maybe it’s a problem from my side or maybe not. All I can say is that I tested it and it gave me some names,  I just want you guys to try it out for yourselves..I am only asking you to give it a try but not promoting it or anything of that sort.If you don't find the app  amusing, just delete it, however, I believe someone might find it useful,and maybe, the developer might fix any bug.
NOTE: I have no connection whatsoever with the developer of this app. 

 How to download and use  WhatsApp Who Viewed Me to find out Who viewed whatsapp profile, and status

It’s not available on the Playstore but you can download it from the bottom of this post. You can download it to your phone or you can download it to your computer, and then copy the apk to your SD Card install it by touching.
You should have an interface similar to the one below. 
who viewed whatsapp profile
whatsapp who viewed me
Just touch on “SCAN”, and the application will start to look for your contacts, who have viewed you on WhatsApp. It works best on Android versions 2.3 and above. 
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Author: Joel Ameah

7 thoughts on “Who viewed WhatsApp profile, and status

  1. It’s not working it doesn’t scan!!! I wail and still no result, it ever don’t show loading (the who viewed me)

  2. I tested and it do not show who really saw my profile on WhatsApp… This program show a aleatory contact of agenda =/

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