How To Get PC App Store for Windows PC

I’m gonna show you how to get the App Store for Windows PC. As you may know, there is no official App Store for PC where you can get lots of games apps software’s in one place just like if you have used the iPhone Android or Mac OS. 

In Windows PC, if you want to get the software you have to visit the official site of the software and then download it from there, so it’s like if there is a millions of softwares then we have to visit the millions of website to download them.

In this tutorial I’m gonna show you a little software which contains some of the popular software’s and free software you can easily download games software’s from without moving form site to site.


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This software is called Baidu appstore It is like App Store for Windows PC. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. Once you are there, you will see there is a big flat button Called “Try it” ,


games apps software

you just have to click on it and it should download the PC App Store. Once you have downloaded the software you have to install it. The installation is really simple just install it as you install the other programs. Once you have installed the PC app store named software you will see there will be new icon on your desktop saying PC App Store, now you just have to open it.

Keep in mind that, this is not a official App Store, actually there is no official App Store for the Windows PC so this is also a third-party app store which contains more applications but may not contain all of the software, but it contains some of the popular and free software. 

The home page contains all the popular and featured applications and softwares and games. You will also have the most downloaded apps, Google Chrome, Firefox Skype, and likes.

App Store for Windows PC

You can also use this PC App Store to update your software and after that you can also uninstall the pre-installed software if you want to uninstall

If you are  new to the compute, this is the pretty good solution for your Windows PC 


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