How to put pattern lock on your computer


In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to put a pattern lock on your computer screen, just like how it appears on Android phones. So if you want to try how to put password lock on your computer then pay attention to  this article on  how to lock your computer with a pattern lock
You can use this pattern lock as your default security measure or you can use it together with your windows password.


Download  XUS PC LOCK PRO  This is the software we are going to use to screen protect our computer. It is very easy to use. Just follow the steps below


put pattern lock on your computer



After downloading, it will come as a raw file containing a readMe!.txt file and the main software itself, install the software. Open the readMe!.txt file and use any of the keys provided to activate the software, it is very simple.


After installation, double click on it from your desktop, it will then appear in the system tray, locate it in the systems tray, and right click on it, then choose to Configure.


A window will pop up, here; you enter the default pattern which is a (Z)
Then you click on reset button. You enter your preferred lock pattern. It will then ask you whether you would like to save a backup of your pattern. Click Yes.


After this, click on the  General,  Desktop, or the Advanced tab to set your preferences.
In the General tab, make sure you set the Autolock at Windows Startup to On, this will enable the screen lock when your computer starts. I will also recommend that, in the Advanced tab, you click on the Disable Autolock at Start Up in safe mode.
After choosing the appropriate preferences, click on ok. You can then reboot your computer, or wait for the Autolock time you specified in the General tab and see it works!!!

This article is about how to put pattern lock on your computer

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