HOW TO convert mp3 to wav using VLC

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to convert mp3 to wav using VLC Media Player.
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Lets start to convert mp3 to wav using VLC.

Open VLC Media Player and select “Convert / Save” from the upper right corner on “Media.” You can also use the “Ctrl+R” shortcut.
Select the “File” tab in the popup window and afterwards click the “Add” button. It will open the explorer for your windows. Just identify anywhere the mp3 you want to convert is and then double click the audio to load it into VLC.
You need to find the “Convert / Save” button just under the screen when that is done and afterwards click on it; a new window will emerge.

A window pops up (from step 1), you will find a screen akin to the one below.

convert mp3 to wav using VLC
Clicking on the “Browse” button only requires you to select a location where you want to save the file to be converted.
If you do not specify a path, “Program Files / VideoLAN / VLC” will save the converted files. If you do not specify a path, “Program Files / VideoLAN / VLC” is where the converted files will be saved.

This is the most important step. We continue from step 2. Under the “Settings”  you find the “Profile” column, then click on the drop down menu. You then scroll down and choose “WAV”, since you are converting to wav. If you don’t find the wav profile, you need to add it. Click on the last icon which is the last one on the Profile option.
convert mp3 to wav using VLC media plaer
A window will pop up. Choose WAV, go to Audio Code tab, choose Audio, go to the Codec option and select WAV from the drop down menu. When done, just click Create.

Click on browse option. You will find the label with the name “File Name”. You need to enter the converted file name here, it can be the same name of the file you are converting or another name. You then need to add the audio file format that you want to save to. For example, I need to convert a mp3 file to a “wav” audio file file format in this guide, so I type “1.wav” where “1” is the name of the audio file and “wav” is the format of the new audio file.
convert mp3 audio to wav using VLC
When you are done, you just click on “Save” and then  “Start”. That’s all., VLC will convert the convert mp3 to wav for you
Use the same method to convert from wav to mp3
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Author: Joel Ameah

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  1. “the upper right corner on ‘Media’.”

    Not sure where you learned your right from your left, but the Media menu is the 1st — LEFTMOST — menu.

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