How to subscribe to RSS feed in outlook using chrome or Firefox

According to WikipediaRSS (Rich Site Summary ) often dubbed Really Simple Syndication, uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video.
With RSS FEEDS, you don’t have to visit a website to check for updates. The RSS FEED Handler or Reader is able to detect new updates and send notifications to you via any application you connect the Reader or Handler too.
Now, subscribing to this RSS FEED using Microsoft Outlook will make it possible for you to view posts from a particular website /blog or an online email services such as Yahoo even when you are not connected to the internet.
It works in this way: whenever you are connected to the internet, the posts or pages from a particular website you have subscribed to are automatically downloaded and stored on your computer via Microsoft Outlook. The same thing works for Email services. Once downloaded, you can then view or read this posts or emails even when your internet connection is off.
Very luckily, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have extensions/add-ons that make it possible for one to accomplish such a task. In this tutorial, I will introduce you to two of them: one for Google Chrome and the other for Mozilla Firefox.

Click here to go to the app store.
Look on the upper right-hand side of the interface and click on “FREE”. You will then be asked to “Confirm New Extension”. Click on “Add”. Chrome will add this extension. That’s all. Once done, open any website you want to subscribe to. 
On the upper right-hand side of the browser, locate the RSS FEED icon and click on it. You should select the RSS option.
Once done in the drop-down menu  “Default Application” and click on “Subscribe Now”.

Immediately, Outlook will open and ask you to confirm. Click “Yes”. 

That’s all!!

Click here to go to the app store

Click on download now. Firefox will then download the add-on and ask you if you want to install it. Click on “Install Now”.
You will then be asked to “Restart Now”.
When Firefox restarts, type in the name of any website you want to subscribe to. On the upper right-hand corner of the browser, you will find the bookmark button. Click on it and then choose: Subscribe to this page”.

Follow the same steps as in Google Chrome and subscribe using “Microsoft Outlook”.


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