How to hide IP address for free with browsec


I’m going to show you the simple way to hide IP address for free with browsec. Yes, the simple way to hide IP address for free with browsec. So lets detailed this article and after that, we would be able to know that simple way to hide IP address for free with browsec.

There are many ways of hiding your IP address from being known. Internet protocol address identifies to your internet communicators the location or the country in which you are browsing or chatting from. Ip address can also be hidden by the use of the website browsec. Procedures to be followed and must comply thoroughly arriving at hiding IP address from other people hence concealing your real location you are browsing from by the use of are outlined below;


Step one

Go to the website, taking you to the home screen on the site and install the appropriate download extension for your browser. This can be done by hitting on the displayed button extension download, sending you to another pop-up screen of which Add to button must be pressed displaying small box for Add to be tapped. After tapping on the link “Add” wait for a positive response popping up an  indication Browsec has been added…meaning  browsec has been added to the browser you are using after Add button has been clicked


hide IP address for free with browsec



Step two

Adding browsec to your browser displays browsec icon or link on top of your browser. Tap on the button or link found at the right top side of the screen pops up a box with inscription your location; e.g. Ghana and “internet access via” with options of countries to be chosen. Change the country or the location to another country and press ok You can go to whatismyipaddress and see your IP address changed




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Watch the video tutorial below



This article showed you how to hide IP address for free with browsec

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