How To Change Date On blogger post To A Different Date

 This Tutorials is going to show you how to change date on blogger post. Change date on blogger post to make your old post as a current post
The date on which a particular post was published plays a very critical role in arousing your visitors’ interest to read that particular post. Most visitors look out for current posts to read and this is determined by the date on which the post was published. It determines the relevance of the content of the posts to current situations. This notwithstanding, there are some post you may have written in some years back that are still relevant. In other to convince your readers to accept that the content of such a posts is still relevant, it might be better to change the date on which that post was written.
There are other reasons such as; you forgot to write a particular post during a particular occasion or at time, someone stole your post and published it on his or her blog before you: you can change the date to make it reflect that you were the originator of the idea. Etc.
In this post, I will show you how to change the date on which a particular post was published on blogger.
Go to your Dashboard, click on the “Posts” tab. Select  any of the post you want to change the date and click on “Edit”.
Find on the right hand of the post. Click on that and change the date. When you are done, click on update.

                   How to change date on blogger post tutorial

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Author: Joel Ameah

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