How To Post Under Different Pages In Blogger

Have you ever taught on How To Post Under Different Pages In Blogger  ? This article will enlighten you on How To Post Under Different Pages In Blogger which is very simple.

Users of blogger will notice that, on the creation of a blogger page, users are given a default page called Home, where all posts that you create go to, no matter whether you have created additional pages. You will realize that you are not able to direct a  particular post to a specific page you have created.If you are facing such a difficulty, I bet you by the end of this post, your problems will be solved.

NOTE: if you already have created some pages, you will have to delete them all, leaving only the Home page (which can’t even be deleted, because it contains all the post you have made). Don’t worry about your post, if you have some, they will not be affected if you delete the pages.

Now click on post on the left side of your dashboard , a list of all the posts you have made will be shown. Put your cursor on any one of them, below the title of the post, you will find Edit: click on
How To Post Under Different Pages In Blogger
When you click on Edit, the content of the post will open. On the right hand side of the post you
will find a list of options: click on the option, Labels. This is what we are going to use to direct posts to a specific page.
How To Post Under Different Pages In Blogger
When you click on the Labels, a text area will appear below the Label. Here,  you enter the name of the label  you want to create. Now it is advisable to name the label according to the page you want to create.
So in this tutorial, I have a post called post for page two  which I want to post under a  page called page two, so I will name the label page two. This will make it easier for you to identify which label belongs to what page. So assuming you want to create a page called tutorials, I will advise you to name your label, tutorials or tutorials-label.
Enter the name of the label and click on “Done”.Now you have successfully created a label for a specific page.
Now click on view blog and open your blog. Still under the Home page, click on the title of the post you added the label to, in my case, I added the label to post for page two, so I will click on post for page two.
The particular post you click on will then open, here; you must copy the link for that 
particular post in the address bar.  We will use the link to create the page.After copying the link for the post, go back to your dashboard and click on Pages. Under the New pages, you select web address. 
A new window will pop up, you then enter the name of the page (in my case, page two) then you paste the link you copied  into the web address (url) and click on save.
The new page you created will then be added to the Home page.
That's is,  you have successfully linked a particular post to a specific page using labels.
Now view your blog and click on the particular page you have created, you will see the post under that page, unlike before where all our posts went under only the home page.
You will realize that even though we have posted directly under a specific page, but that same post also appears in the home page.
You can leave it like that, but if you don’t want it that way, then you have to make your Home page static so that no post appears under it

Go to you Dashboard and on the left hand click on Settings then Search preferences.Under the Errors and redirections, find Customs Redirects and click on Edit besides it.
A window will pop up. In the From field,  type one forward slash “/”and in the To field type /P/static-home-page.html. as below. Check the box beside permanent and click on save then save changes
Now, view you blog, you will see something similar to the picture below. The post has been removed from the Home page, but you will find it  under the specific page.
 If you don't want it this way, then you don't have to make the Home page static, in this case, all you posts will appear both under Home and the specific page.


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Author: Joel Ameah

7 thoughts on “How To Post Under Different Pages In Blogger

  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I’m new to blogging and struggling to find my way around. I just want to ask, how do i put multiple post under the same page? From your example above, you put a post under ‘Page Two’. How do go about it if i have to put three or more posts under ‘Page Two’?

    1. Thanks for the compliment: To do this, go to your Dashboard, click on Layout. You will see Main page option and just under it you will see
      Number of posts on main page, enter the number of post you want to see on the page in the text box, then scroll down and click save. However, I think this can only be done on the Main page.

    2. Thanks for the help. I thinking of adding pictures to the blog and some widgets. eg live traffic feed on the page. pls check out my blog Its girly though. check this blog too and see how the lady has done hers. Also i just found a flag counter and i want to put that on the blog too. But i’m being asked to paste the link in my website’s source code. how do i do that?

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