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Take a look at this article, clear quick access windows 10. You see how interested it is ti know how clear quick access windows 10. This is done by simple steps, so by the end of this  article, you will be able to know how to clear quick access windows 10, or windows 10 clear quick access command line.

Windows 10 comes with this new feature “Quick access” which shows not only your recent opened folders but also files. If you are on a shared computer and your are so concerned about your privacy, you would definitely not want someone know where you have been going on your pc. This article will show you how to hide recent files and folders from people who you allow to have access to your computer.

Hiding your recent documents from others does well to conceal people from knowing what you have opened or looked into in your files and your folders as well. These must be done to hide recent documents opened in your computer from people or those that you share your computer with;



Step one

Hit in start at the bottom left of your computer home screen or desktop to pop up start menu contents. Start menu in windows 10 contains features which are used to regulate the computer to foster good and convenient usage of the windows.

Hit on “file explorer” after pop up of start menu to display file explorer windows. File explorer is initiated by quick access which is composed of recent or frequently opened folders and files.



clear quick access windows 10


Step two

Tap on “view” on top of file explorer window to display “options” button and click option button to pop up “folder options” windows for adjustment to be made on folder options widows. Look through the folder options windows to identify where notices like “show recently used files in Quick access” and “show frequently used folders in Quick access” which are already marked or checked.



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Unmark or uncheck both “show recently used files in Quick access” and “show frequently used folders in Quick access”. Tap on apply and ok to disable recently used files in Quick access first. On folder explorer window you will see that all files that were indicated on folder explorer have disappeared leaving only frequently used folders.



step three

To remove frequently used folders as well in folders explorer , highlight  folders together or highlight one after the other, right click and select “unpin from Quick  access” to remove or delete all folders from Quick access, hence protecting your privacy from people who are more accessible to your computer. 

Know how to clear quick access windows 10


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