4 Ways to Shut Down your Windows 8-8.1 PC Easily

Do you want to Shut Down your Windows 8-8.1 PC Easily? There are many ways of shuting down windows but this time am showing you how to Shut Down your Windows 8-8.1 PC Easily.

You might have realized that, Microsoft changed the usual simple way of shutting down your PC in the previous versions of Windows. In windows 8/8.1, the usual way to shutdown your PC is to go to the Charms Bar, Settings, and then Power before you can get the Power options. This is kind of a long process to me and I guess you to.
This tutorial will show you four simple ways to shut down your Windows 8 or 8.1 PC.


Method 1:
1. Right click on your Desktop. Go to New and click on Shortcut which will display a Shortcut Dialogue box.


Shut Down your Windows 8-8.1 PC Easily



2. Type shutdown.exe-t 00-s and be mindful that there are no spaces them. Click on Next and type Shutdown or leave it as Shortcut as it is and click on Finish to create Shutdown (shortcut) icon on the desktop.



3. You can make the icon look nicer by right clicking on the created Shutdown shortcut and going to Properties. Click on Change icon to scroll and select power button icon or anyone of your choice. Double click the icon you have chosen and then click on Apply to change the created shutdown icon.
4. To shut down your PC, just double click on the created shortcut and your PC will automatically shut down.




Method 2

Right click, below just where the start menu use to be in Windows 7, select “shut down or sign out” option to choose shutdown to shut down your PC.




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Method 3
Go to Control panel and then Power option. Click on it and choose “What the power button does” on your left. Select Shutdown. Anytime you click on your power button, your Windows 8/8.1 PC will automatically shut down without affecting your computer.



Method 4:
Press Alt and F4 keys together. The shutdown dialogue box will appear. Select Shutdown from the drop down menu and Click OK.


These methods are ways to Shut Down your Windows 8-8.1 PC Easily

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Author: Joel Ameah

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