All the files on your desktop have disappeared suddenly.(solved)

Do you normally get distracted when you get to know that files on your desktop have disappeared?
If you are a regular Windows user, you may have noticed this situation where sometimes everything on your desktop suddenly disappears and it also becomes impossible for you to open any file or folder or even get access to your Disk Partitions.
This becomes so frustrating especially when you are in the middle of something such as typing or doing something similar that requires you to view what you are doing.


In the case of movies, for example, you will notice that the movie will be playing, however, you would not be able to watch the movies because everything disappears from the screen.
The reason for this is that a utility or a program in Windows called “Windows Explorer” or simply “Explorer” has stopped working. Windows Explorer is actually a file explorer that enables you to browse or move around on your computer. It is a program that enables you to open and close files and folders.
Wikipedia defines the Windows Explorer as this “File Explorer, previously known as Windows Explorer, is a file manager application and also a navigation tool that is Included in Windows 95 versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It provides a graphical user interface for file systems access.
So obviously, what we need to do to make everything work again is simply to bring back the Windows Explorer. In the follow steps, that is exactly what I will show.




We will have to start the “Task Manager” which is usually launched by right-clicking on the “Task Bar” and choosing “Start Task Manager”. But since everything has disappeared, we will have to use a shortcut.
Now to launch the Task Manager using a shortcut, Press “Ctrl, Shift, Esckeys all at the same time. This will launch the Task Manager.


When the Task Manager opens, look on top of the windows and click on “File” then click on “New Task (Run…)”.
A window will open, if there is anything inside the vertical box labeled “Open”, delete it and type “Explorer”.  Hit “Enter” or click on “OK”. 
Immediately, the windows explorer will start and everything on your desktop will appear again. Done!

This tutorial showed you how to solve “files on your desktop have disappeared “

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Author: Joel Ameah

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