How to determine your Phone’s quality

 This article will show you to determine your Phone’s quality.  To determine your phones quality is very necessary because you might have been buying fake phones with a huge amount. So just read this article through on how to determine your Phone’s quality. So am sure by the end of this article, you will know how to determine your Phone’s quality.
Phones quality can be determined by the IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity)number. Every phone has an IMEI number which is located mostly beneath the phone’s battery.

This IMEI can be used for a lot of purposes including tracking a stolen phone.
In this tutorial, I will show you how to use this same IMEI number to ascertain the quality of your phone.

STEP 1(Locating the IMEI number)

Option 1: As I stated earlier on, the IMEI number can be located mostly beneath the phone’s battery.
Option 2: You can also dial this code *#06#on your phone, the IMEI will pop up, if it doesn’t, press send just like when you are making a call.
determine your Phone's quality

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With the IMEI number on your phone’s screen, count to the 7th and the 8th numbers starting from the left-hand side. You will get something similar to the picture below.
Now check the 7th and the 8th numbers against the table below for your phone’s quality.
Sometimes some manufacturers will intentionally spoof the IMEI number to make it seem legit. To  verify that your IMEI number is correct to visit the website HERE
You only have to enter your IMEI number and then click on analyse to get it confirmed.

This article will show you how to determine your phone’s quality

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