How to view files taking up hard drive space

How you ever wondered on how to view files taking up hard drive space? Then, this article is going to show you how to how to view files taking up hard drive space on your PC.

Do you know the amount of space or capacity of each item, file and folder on your computer? Files and folders on your computer may be numerous correlating with myriad items in each file and folder. The amount of megabyte and gigabyte of an item in a folder and file may be known when that folder is opened but ascertaining all the list of items and folders on a computer can be known by the use of software called “Windirstat”.

Windirstat enables you to know the size, percentage of size, date modified etc. of each drive and folder taken or used on your computer hence listing the size, date of modification, percentageof coverage of each file and folder composing of items. In order for you to view the space taken by each file and folder on your computer the following process must be actualized;

Step one:

Download and  Install Windirstat software on your computer. For you to install “Windirstat on your computer, windirstat must be downloaded when you are connected to the internet. Size of Windirstat is minimal which will not consume much of your internet data bundle. Steps to download must be properly followed in order to have all the components of windirtstat enhancing effective installation apparently achieving your motive of download.

How to view files taking up hard drive space

Step two:

After installation double click on Windirstat to pop up windows indicating all folders, files and items in each drive. Thus it shows the size, percentage of size, subtree percentage, date of storage and modification, number of items in each file and folder etc.

In order for  you to view the items and files of each folder as well as folders in each drive, you must execute the activity of clicking on the  particular folder to display the number of items and files each folder composes performing likewise to ascertain each folder in a drive.

You can also right click to delete any file or folder you want to abort. You can delete the item or folder into recycle bin or delete it permanently by clicking on the” delete to recycle bin” or “delete permanently respectively”.

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You can determine the type of file by clicking on file determine folder at the right top corner of Windirstat displayed windows. Ascertaining the type of file enables you to know whether it is application extension, system file, VDM file, DAT file, true type font file, MUI file etc.



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