How to get apk’s of apps on your android using ES file explorer

This tutorial is to enlighten you on how to get apk’s of apps on your android . I thought it wise to do this article on how to get apk’s of apps on your android because sometimes you might like have the apk of apps you have downloaded but that will be in vain.
Downloading apps from the play store does not give you the option to get the actual file(.apk) of the apps.  When the download is done, the apps are automatically installed on your android device and that’s all.
So in case you wish to install the same app on a different device, it means you will have to download and install that app again which is a complete waste of bandwidth and time.
There are apps that help you to get the .apk of apps from the play store. One of such apps is called the ES File Explorer. As the name implies, it is a file explorer/manager. However, this app comes with a host of other features that makes it one of the best apps (if you like, best file managers/explorers) on the android market. 
Some of the free features that come with it include:
ES Media Player (for playing audio and video  files)
ES Note editor (For opening text files)
ES Image Browser (for opening image files).
I guess there are some other features I might not have come across.
The purpose of this post is to show you how to use this same Es File Explorer to get the .apk of apps installed on your android devices.

You need to download and install the app on your android devices.


Click/Touch to run the app. It will show a list of all the files on your SD Card.
Now, on top of the app (menu bar), you will find a list of options. Click/Touch on the option “Appmgr”.
This will bring up all the apps installed on your device. To get the .apk of any of these apps, you just have to long press/touch the particular app to bring up the “Operations”. Scroll down and find “Backup” and click/touch it, ES File Explorer will then extract the .apk of that particular app on your SD Card. That’s it.
You should find a folder with the name “Backup” on your SD Card. Open it and find another folder with the name “apps” inside the “Backup” folder. You will find the apk of that particular app you backed up. Copy or send this .apk of the app to any device you wish to install the app on, or you can connect your phone to your computer to store a copy of the apk on it.

This article showed you how to get apk’s of apps on your android

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Author: Joel Ameah

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