How to Copy and Paste Text Between Windows and Android

After reading this article you will know how to Copy and Paste Text Between Windows and Android, that is, copy and paste from windows to android and vice versa. The process may be involving but understandable when you read and follow the  article critically and with zeal. The process to be taken to Copy and Paste Text Between Windows and Android are as follow:

Step one

Go to playstore on your android device and search and install Clipsync. or CLICK HERE to Install Clipsync for Android.

You need to create a sever on your computer to connect your android device  CLICK HERE to download the Clipsync Server for PC. Clipsync has a small size which will not take more time to download and it is free as well. .


Step three

Your android device needs to be on the same network as your pc meaning there should be uniform internet connection between your android device and your computer and the applications for connections. I recommend  MHostpot which is free to download. If you have Wi-Fi at your end you are good to go. Click Here to Download MHostpot. After download install MHostpot on pc.

Start MHostspot, choose a name and password for your Hotspot after window is opened. Select also the internet source you want to use on hotspot window in the drop bar “internet source”.Click “Start hotspot” button to start Hotspot internet sharing.


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Step six

Turn on Wi-Fi on your android and connect to hotspot on computer and open Clipsync on android device and connect to the computer sever you have installed.  Afterwards click on “connect to new server” button on android to start connection automatically and if it is not able to connect automatically connect manually by tapping on the “connect to sever manually” button on android.

Copy and Paste Text Between Windows and Android

Step seven

Replicate the hotspot name you used for android where android“server name(optional)”is and the ip address of your computer where Clipsync is running into where “server ip address”bar is, on android. In order to identify ip address of clipsync running on computer, click on “hidden icons” button at right bottom of desktop to see ip address of computer where clipsync sever is running.

After making these necessary entries hit on “connect and save” button on android to complete setup.You can now do your copy and paste between your android device and your computer.

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