How to tag people on instagram


Are you baffling to tag people on instagram? But do not know how to tag people on instagram? Then I recommend this article for you on how to tag people on instagram.

This article teaches how to tag people to an already uploaded picture on instagram which process involved is very concise and precise. You may be new on instagram and may not be conversant or find it hectic in tagging people who you know on instagram in an uploaded instagram picture. A tag of a name on a picture can intensify the friendship and the relationships between the people you have tag their names on the instagram picture. These short processes are followed in tagging a name in an instagram uploaded picture;


Step one

Log into your instagram account with your username and password. If you don`t have instagram account you can create one and password and username to log into your account will be provided giving you the mandate to be instagram user.




Step Two

On your instagram account, go to where your pictures are uploaded and stored. On the uploaded pictures windows, look for the picture you want to tag people in. After identifying picture you want to tag people in, tap on it to zoom out leaving the other pictures behind.



tag people on instagram



Step three

Afterwards click on the three dots (settings) which is at the bottom right of the picture to tag people in, displayed window, sending you to another interface with “share”, “delete”, “copy share URL” and“ edit” links for which “edit” link has to be clicked.









Step four

After tapping on edit link tap on the picture you want to tag people to add a name. Add name(s) to picture by typing name(s) you wish to tag with the picture on phone keyboard and touch on save button at the top right corner of the window to tag name(s) with your instagram uploaded picture.







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Watch the video tutorial below


This article showed you how to tag people on instagram

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