How to add tags to your instagram pictures after uploading



Add tags to your instagram pictures after uploading them to make you pictures look so great. What if the pictures has been already uploaded, that's not the problem. Because am  going to show you how to add tags to your instagram pictures after uploading them.


Do you find difficulties in adding tags to your instagram pictures after uploaded on instagram? The response might be yes since instagram usage is not quite long and as a matter of fact most people are not much conversant with it. Tags are the best way to make your pictures appear on instagram search and adding more relevant tags will make your picture appear on top when people search for those tags. It is very easy to tag your uploaded pictures and this article clearly asserts the things to do to attain a classic tag of your uploaded pictures on instagram which are explained in details below.


Step one

Log into your instagram account and go into your pictures to display the picture you want to tag. Any uploaded picture on instagram can be tagged when the process in tagging a picture is properly followed.


Step two

After popping up or displaying the picture that you want to tag, touch on the “comment” button at the bottom of the picture to be tagged which gives a comment box to be used to tag the chosen picture.




Step three

Touching the comment button avails a comment box for more relevant tags to be added to your picture in the comment box. Example #prettygirl #lovepics and don't forget to add # before the words which is very important .




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Step four

When you are satisfied with the most relevant words to use to tag your picture, click on the arrow button icon just seen at the right side of the comment box to save the tags which will also appear as comments. When people search for any of the tags you added, your picture is likely to appear.





This article showed you how to add tags to your instagram pictures after uploading



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