HOW TO make windows setup ISO file bootable

This tutorial will enable you to make Windows setup ISO file bootable, so that you can get a bootable windows dvd disc.

Have you ever tried to burn an OS disc image(ISO file) and found out that it is not bootable? That is, your computer is not able to recognize the disc?

If you have tried pressing the F8 , F12, or ESC key and Windows is still not working, then I bet you, by the time you finish reading to the end of this post, your problem will be completely solved.

Just follow the steps below to make windows setup ISO file bootable, so that you can also get a bootable windows dvd disc.


You need only one software called magic ISO maker to  make windows setup ISO file bootable. Find the  download link below this post.

You’ll  need the boot files.
These boot files are included in the windows OS’s by Microsoft but as you copy the OS’s from one disk to another, these boot files get missing and the disc images(ISO files) loose their booting capabilities.
I have therefore, provided a link to the download of the boot files you may need which include windows XP,Windows 7, and Windows 8 and Windows 10. Scroll down to the page for the download links

Install the magic ISO maker you have downloaded. Double click to run it.
Go to the menu bar and click on file, then choose open.

Locate your disc image(ISO file) where ever you have kept it on your computer , double click on it, and it will be loaded into the software(Magic ISO Maker). Or you can just go to File and load it into Magic ISO. Here, you will notice that, there is a message that says, non bootable at the top left corner.This shows that, your ISO file is not bootable.  make Windows setup ISO file bootable

Here, we are going to add the boot file to make it bootable.
Go to the quick menu and click on the rectangle with the red star as below. A window will pop up, click on the small box below the option From bootable image file. Locate the boot file you have downloaded (links are provided at the end of this tutorial). Make sure you have already extracted the boot file. Double click on it, it will appear in the text box, click ok, and it will be loaded automatically. windows 10 setup bootable

When you add the boot file, the message, Non-Bootable changes automatically to Bootable. We have successfully made this ISO file Bootable.
What you have to do now is to go the file menu, and click bootable setup

Download the appropriate boot file to make Windows setup ISO file bootable below:


Nero Burning ROM for burning the ISO to DVD. Free trial:


Magic ISO Software Free:

Windows Bootfiles to make a windows ISO file bootable.

XP bootfile:      

Windows 7 bootfile

Windows 8 bootfile

Win 10 bootfile:


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