How to add tags to instagram pictures after uploading




I could recommend this article to you if only you want to add tags to instagram pictures after uploading. Just add tags to instagram pictures after uploading. If you have found yourselves on how to add intergram effects without  posting before but couldn’t do it, then stay with me in this article.

Instagram has been one of the recent used social media that connects friends, relatives, acquaintance Apart from social media like Facebook, twitter and whatsapp, instagram has been the application that most people have been using to achieve their aim academically, socially religiously etc.Instagram has nice filters that can be used to add effects to your pictures and share them with your friends or followers. If you just want to use the filters and save the pictures on your phone without sharing,this article will show you how to add tags to instagram pictures after uploading.

The process to be involved include on how to add tags to instagram pictures after uploading are as follows;



Step one

Log into your instagram account and click on the big PLUS icon on the upper right hand corner which will send you to your gallery where your photos or pictures are kept. Look for or choose  the picture that you want to filter or add filter to.


add tags to instagram pictures after uploading



Step two

After searching for the picture you want to add filters to, tap on the right arrow sign seen at the top right corner of the home screen of the picture view to display under the picture the filtering tools and items to be used to filter the picture.



Step three

Execute the filtering of the picture by tapping and touching any filtering tools of your choice to filter the picture to your standard. Filtering the image or the picture changes the colour, shape, size etc. of the picture till your interest or rate of filtration is achieved.



Step four

In order to save the filtered picture(s)without sharing, put your phone in airplane mode. This is done by going to settings to enable airplane mode or right away going to notification of your phone where airplane mode link is seen. Enable or activate airplane mode to exit internet connections and try sharing the picture(s).



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Step five

After filtering and trying sharing the picture(s), because airplane has been enabled aborting internet connection, you will be seeing an inscription on top “upload failed”. When you see such notice or inscription it connotes the filtered picture(s) has been saved to your gallery and not shared to a friend or a follower of yours. In order to see the filtered picture on instagram saved and not share to friends and acquaintances, goto gallery or download of your phone to view the picture filtered.



 This article showed you how to add tags to instagram pictures after uploading



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