How to convert different video formats

VLC Media Player can convert different video formats. Even though a media player, it can do lot more than just playing music and videos. The most popular Media Player, VLC, apart from the fact that it is free, comes with a lot of amazing functionalities that can make your life a little more easier.
In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use VLC Media Player to convert different video formats.
Open VLC Media Player and select “Convert / Save” from the upper right corner on “Media.” You can also use the “Ctrl+R” shortcut. Select the “File” tab in the pop-up window and afterwards click the “Add” button. This will open the explorer for your windows.
You only need to find the location of the video you want to convert and then double-click that video to load this into VLC. It can be any format of video. You need to find the “Convert / Save” button below the screen when that is accomplished and then tap on it; a new window will appear.

Click on the “Browse” button when the window appears (from step 1). Clicking on the “Browse” button only requires you to select a location where you want to save the converted files. If you do not specify a path, “Program Files / VideoLAN / VLC” will save the converted files as a default location

convert different video formats


You will find the “File Name” label. You need to enter the converted file name here, this can be the similar name of the file you are converting or another name. The file format you want to save the video to must then be added. For example, I want to convert an MP4 video to a webm video file file format in this tutorial, so I type “example.webm” where the video file title is the “example” and the file format is the “webm.” A dot should be placed between the name of the file and the format of the file.


Convert One Video Format to Another Video Format


When you are done, you just click on “Save” then “Start”. That’s all., VLC will convert the video to the file format you specified.

You can convert any video file to any of the following video file formats:

ps, ts, mpg, ogg, asf, mp4, mov, flv, webm, mkv, avi, DAT.

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