How to record your pc screen for free


This article will show you how to record your pc screen for free. And if you want to record your pc screen for free, then consider this article. And is very easy to record your pc screen for free download. So after this  article, you will be able to record your computer screen for free.

As the name implies is a freebie to everyone with the exception of the data bundle that must be used to download a copy. The size of free video screen recording is not huge which will not consume much of your data when downloading.


Step one

Download free screen video recording software

As said earlier application size is not all that large which is about 25 mb, hence shall not consume much of your data and time to finish with downloading.  After download, go to the download centre of your machine to install the application on PC.


record your pc screen for free


Features/options in “free screen video recorder” button may include, capture full screen, capture window, capture object, capture region, record video from full screen, record video from window etc.



Step two

I want to use the“record video from a window” feature/option which obviously is used to record video from only a window of your full computer screen and not full screen to be precise. Using the recorded video from window option, record video from window must be hit. 




After hitting on the button, you shall be seeing a red line marked on-screen which shows the portion of the screen that is going to be captured and immediately recording begins. Afterwards, you can start performing or doing whatever you want to video capture on your pc.


Step three

When you finish making your recording and you want to stop recording, tap on stop, immediately it will stop recording and video will be saved in your video folder. Go to your video folder to double hit to play and you shall see that all the actions performed during window recording were captured.



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Watch the video tutorial below


This article showed you how to record your pc screen for free

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