How to Delete the Windows.old Folder on Windows XP/7/8

Have you tried so hard to delete Windows.old Folder on Windows XP/7/8 without any success?. You might be wondering how it even came on your computer. Well, this article will show you how to delete Windows.old Folder on Windows XP/7/8. Well folder is created automatically by windows when on installing a new windows OS, you fail to either format you hard drive or to delete old partitions. By the end of this article, you will be able to delete Windows.old Folder on Windows XP/7/8.

You are at the right place to learn how to delete this folder. Follow the following steps:

In windows 7: Go to your start menu and type in the search box “disk cleanup” without the quotes.
In windows XP: Go to: All programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup.

After you have clicked on “Disk Cleanup” a window will pop up, select the disk partition that contains the “windows.old” folder, and click on ok.
It will first scan for “system error memory dump files” and other files. Obviously that’s not what we are looking for. After scanning. Click on “clean up system files”.


After you have clicked on “clean up system files”, the window will disappear and re-appear again.
Make sure you maintain your previous selection, and click on ok

After you have clicked on “ok” another new window will pop up. This will start to scan for what we are looking for “Previous windows installations”. wait a little while…

A new window will appear,look through the list of files and tick the small box on the left of ” Previous windows installation(s)”. This represents the “windows.old “. folder

After ticking the small box, click on ok below the windows. It will ask you if you want to permanently delete the files, click “delete files” and wait for windows to delete that stubborn folder (windows.old).

The length it takes to delete depends on the size of the the folder.

This article showed you how to delete Windows.old Folder on Windows XP/7/8

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Author: Joel Ameah

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