How to retrieve your lost contacts from lost phone/spoilt phone

Have you ever wanted to retrieve your lost contacts from lost phone/spoilt phone but did not get the way? well, that’s why I wrote the article on how to retrieve your lost contacts from lost phone/spoilt phone. Looking at how to recover  your lost contacts from a lost or a spoiled phone  in this article will help you to put  away the fear of losing a phone on you
If your Android phone is missing, stolen or spoiled it is easy to retrieve all your contacts stored on that particular phone.
This is possible if you associated your Android device with a Gmail account. Users who have Gmail account associated with their Android are prompted to choose a particular account when storing numbers on their phones. These contacts are kept online by Google and it is very easy to retrieve those contacts when your phone is missing.
To do that, follow the steps below:


Go to If you are not already signed in, signed in with your Gmail address that was associated with your Android device/phone. All your contacts that you stored on that particular Gmail account will be listed.
If you have a new phone and you would like to restore your contacts, follow the steps below:


Look on top of your account just below the listed contacts and click on “More”, then choose “Export” then “All contacts”.
A list of options will be listed. Choose the last option “vCard format…” All your contact will be downloaded.

lost contacts


Put the downloaded contacts right on your SD card. Go to your Contacts on your phone, click on the “Menu” button and choose “Export/Import” then select the option “Import from SD card”. All your contacts will be restored on your new phone.

recover lost cantacts from lost phone

This article showed you how to retrieve your lost contacts from lost phone/spoilt phone

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