VPN4ALL Review: Change Your IP Address And Surf Anonymously Online


Have you ever suffered on how to change  Change Your IP Address, but could not? Then here is what you need to know about how to Change Your IP Address. Change your  Change Your IP Address for free.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to change your IP Address to surf anonymously online. We are going to use an application called VPN4ALL.

If you are in a school or at a location where your Internet Service Provider has blocked you from accessing certain sites such as YouTube, Facebook. Netflix etc., one of the obvious ways to access these blocked sites is to change your IP Address so it would appear you are in a different location, which will make it possible for you to access any site in the world. Again, you might want to surf anonymously online and encrypt your internet connection, and the best way is to hide or change your IP Address.

Let me show you ho


CLICK HERE to download VPN4ALL

On the download page you must download the appropriate setup file for the platform you wish to use it on. VPN4ALL supports PC, MAC and Android users.


Change Your IP Address



Download and install the software. The installation process is easy and straightforward. After installation, you just choose a country which you want your location to change to, click connect, wait for few seconds and that’s all.

To be sure that your IP Address has been changed successfully, you can visit any of these sites and check your IP address.

dnsleaktest  or whatismyipaddress  or whatismyip

Better still, visit YouTube or Google and you should see that your location has indeed changed.

NOTE: You can try VPN4ALL, but to unlock the full potential of VPN4ALL, you will need to enter a licensed key.

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2 thoughts on “VPN4ALL Review: Change Your IP Address And Surf Anonymously Online

  1. is there another way I can get the software that hides ip address, at school they blocked all of the sites I can use….

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