Use a Full Size Image As Whatsapp Profile Picture No Cropping

In this article, you will know how to Use a full size image as WhatsApp profile picture. And is very simple to know how to use a full size image as WhatsApp profile picture without cropping it.

On WhatsApp and most social media apps, whenever you want to use an image as your profile picture, you are forced to crop the image to a certain size. This becomes so annoying especially when you have to crop some part of the image your really want to use.
In this tutorial,  I will guide you through the following simple steps in using a full size image as WhatsApp profile picture without cropping .
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Use a full size image as whatsapp profile picture
When the installation is done, click/touch to run the app.
Click/touch on “Pick a Photo” to select a picture you want to use as our profile picture. You can also take a picture from your camera.If you wish to crop the image,  go to the Settings to enable cropping.
When you select your image, a nice border will be placed around the picture. Look on the top right corner and click on the save icon. 
The image will be saved inside your gallery. You can then use this picture as your profile picture without cropping. It works for most social media apps.


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Author: Joel Ameah

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