How to hide ip address free online using

Have you ever wanted to  hide ip address free online using but do not know how? Then consider this article on how to  hide ip address free online using And after this tutorials, you will be able to hide ip address free online using

We have many ways of hiding your ip address from being known. Internet protocol address identifies to your internet communicators the location or the country in which you are browsing or chatting from. Ip address can also be hidden by the use of the website betternet. Co. Procedures to be followed must complied by thoroughly in order to arrive at your goal of hiding ip address from other people hence concealing your real location you are browsing from. These are the steps to be followed in hiding an ip address by the used of the;

Step one

First, visit taking you to the home screen of the website. Hit on download button seen in the middle of the home screen and select the platform (browser at the bottom of the home screen you want the ip address to be hidden or disappear when using as well as download to be done on.

hide ip address free online using

Step two

After choosing the browser or the platform I will use Google chrome for this example, but there are options for Firefox, iOS, Android and Windows to for ip address to be hidden.  Click on add button on the pop up box to add unlimited free vpn- betternet as an extension. Tap on the unlimited free vpn-betternet icon found at the right top corner of your browser. Click on connect followed by “go” button to connect betternet

Step three

Open a webpage from window`s browser and type, taking you to homepage of the website showing up an ip address of a location other than your country ip address. click on disconnect button at the unlimited free vpn-betternet button on betternet home screen and go back to  whatismyipadress website again displaying the ip address of your home country on whatismyipaddress home screen.

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This tutorials will show you how to  hide ip address free online using

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