Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes-Scheduler to schedule Facebook

Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes-Scheduler will be of a great deal of help if you have lots of friends on FaceBook.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to remember each and everyone’s birthday on Facebook. The obvious prudent way to deal with this is to set a reminder on your phone. Well, the questions are, what about if your phone goes off or simply if the date on your phone changes?

Connecting with all your friends on Facebook can go a long way to help you remember their birthdays. This is because Facebook keeps you notified of current and upcoming birthdays of your friends.
Another question we can ask is: what about if you don’t visit Facebook on the day a friend has a birthday, or simply if there is a glitch in your internet connection which makes it impossible for you to use the internet.? Obviously, you won’t send them birthday wishes and this becomes embarrassing especially when the people involved are dear ones.

In this post, I will introduce you to a web app that helps you to use an Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes-Scheduler. With this app, you don’t even need to visit Facebook to send birthday wishes. By scheduling birthday wishes for your friends, this app will automatically post on their walls when their birthdays are up.



Visit, http://birthdayfb.comclick on “Connect with Facebook” to link your Facebook account. When the app asks for permission, just click on “OK”. If you are not logged in on Facebook, you must log in to get your account connected. 


You should find an interface similar to the one below

Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes-Scheduler

To schedule a message, click on “Write Messages “and write your own messages. To use the same message more than once, check “Save as canned message”. You can also select any of the already canned messages for your friends, and just click on save.
That’s all when your friends’ birthday is up, this app will post to their walls automatically “Canned Messages” tab, shows all your saved messages.
The “Scheduled Messages” tab shows all the scheduled messages. Here you can also schedule messages or cancel any messages you have scheduled.


 This article below will show you how to  get Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes-Scheduler


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Author: Joel Ameah

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