How to delete your Google search history


Wishing to delete your Google search history? Or do you want to delete ok google search history? Then stay with me on this article whilst i show you how to delete your Google search history. And after this article you will be able to know how to delete google search history on any device [andriod, tablet, iphone] permanently. And is very easy to know how to delete your google search bar history.

Search history stores every entries and websites that you have searched when browsing or connected to the internet. One may view or search into websites that you have opened which must not be known or disclose to the public. Most at times such searches (websites) may be too confidential which may be pertaining to unplatonic (sexual) life, business issues, company stuffs etc. concealing or disclosing such sites or searches in the search history by a friend or a family member may lead to one`s reputation relegated to the background. Following these steps enables you to perform the task of deleting search history from search engine Google.



Step one:

Search or go to This is the first step to be performed in deleting search history from Google.  history searching displays interface to perform the second task of signing into your Google account.


 delete your Google search history




Step two:

Sign into your Google account. As usual this is done by entering your email and password. At this juncture signing into your Google account displays not your emails in your Google account but rather an interface or windows that contains all your search histories of your Google account performed and kept on that day and the previous days.



delete your Google search history



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Step three:

Wishing to delete “today” history, mark Today and click on the“delete” button at the top right corner of the windows in order to delete Today history. You can also choose to click on the wrench icon on the upper right hand corner with the dots to have “Delete options” to display. Click on “delete options” for“delete web & app Activity for” windows to come up. Clicking on such button pops up windows containing Today, Yesterday and Advanced (date,all time) histories.


 delete your Google search history




Clicking on Yesterday deletes Google history of yesterday. You can also choose to hit on Advance for specific date and all time history to display. Clicking on all time delete every history kept as well as hitting on date enables you to delete history of a specific date.



This article showed you how to delete your Google search history



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