How to Install Android on PC Using Andy Emulator Offline Installer

I’ll introduce you to another free application called Andy in this tutorial that will allow you to install Android on your PC. This tutorial will also help you get the Andy Emulator Offline installe

Download the Andy Emulator Offline Installer below this post 
You may have heard of Bluestacks and/or YouWave what are basically known as emulators, enabling anyone with Windows PC to install Android on PC.Well, there’s Andy, another free emulator for Android.
I’ll guide you through the steps in setting up Andy in this tutorial.


You need to first download Andy Android Emulator from their website. Click here for the online Installer. The Andy online installer  also comes with the Andy Emulator Offline installer after  you successfully download and install it on your PC. You can find the Andy offline installer on your PC after you use the online installer by going to C:/Program Files/AndyOfflineInstaller. Copy this folder and store it safely so you can use this Andy Offline Installer anytime you wish to reinstall Andy.

However, if you have a very slow network, it will take several minutes to hours for you to install Andy using the online installer. To make your life easier, you can get the offline installer without the online installation hassle. Download the Andy Emulator Offline Installer below this post 

Before you download Andy Android Emulator, Download This PDF which spells out whether your PC is compatible or not.

Upon completion of the download, right – click it and run it as an administrator. Until you set it up, click “Next.” Andy comes with the launcher Andy, the Android Operating System, and Oracle Virtualbox. If the Virtualbox is already installed, there are no problems. Watch the screen below.

install android on pc
During the installation, several dialog boxes may pop up asking you if you want to install the “device software” i simply click on “install” whenever the pop ups come.

Andy Emulator Offline installer


When the installation is completed, Restart your computer. If everything was done correctly, you should find a screen similar to the one below.You then follow the simple steps on your screen to set it all up just like you will do on and Android phone or tablet. When done, you should get your Android operating system installed and ready to go.


If you encountered any problem during the installation or can’t install the Andy Android Emulator, head over to Andy’s official support Facebook page HERE and ask for help

Download Links

Andy Emulator Offline Installer V43

Andy Emulator Offline Installe v42
Andy Emulator Offline Installe V41
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Author: Joel Ameah

4 thoughts on “How to Install Android on PC Using Andy Emulator Offline Installer

  1. it will not run unless you have 2-4 GB of RAM. I had installed it. Windows does not allow to run android in its system and creates problem. I have 1 GB RAM and Windows 7 in my computer. I installed the software but it was not working. So I uninstalled it. The best emulator that lets it work is bluestacks but that also creates problem. I tried many tricks but it was not working. I came to the conclusion that it needs 2-4 GB RAM as mentioned in these emulators. That is the biggest drawbacks of these emulators. They require huge amount of RAM.
    These are my personal observation. Howsoever if it has worked in your system then I would like to know.

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