How To Put a Password On WhatsApp Messenger

How to put password on whatsapp messenger for Android phones is what this tutorial teaches. Android phones have lots of security  features available for users to protect their phones from unauthorized access. On android phones, one can either use pattern lock or password to protect the phones form unauthorized access. By drawing a particular pattern or entering a certain password, one is logged in into his /her phone.

This means if someone happens to know your pattern or your password, he/she gets access to all apps and data on your phone. Talking about apps, I will make mention of WhatsApp. I don’t really need to talk much about this amazing app because I guess, if you are reading this post, then am sure you know what I’m talking about.
What I will do in this tutorial is show you how to provide extra security for your Whatsapp.
I will recommend an app called WhatsApp lock.

This app gives you the options to set a  password for your WhatsApp. In this way, you have extra security for your WhatsApp messages, which means, after you enter the pattern lock or password for your phone; you will still need to enter another password for your WhatsApp app. This comes in handy if you are looking for extra security for your WhatsApp messages.

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 Download and Install WhatsApp Lock. Its free of charge.
When the download and the installation is done, you just run it and follow the instruction to set a password for your WhatsApp. Its very simple to do that.
put password on whatsapp messenger
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