How to run road rush without oily graphics looks in windows 7

In this tutorial, am going to show you how to run road rush without oily graphics looks. Sometimes it becomes very distractive when you get oily graphics in windows 7. So am going to show you how to solve that problem
Lovers of the PC game, Road Rash, may have noticed that, when this game is run in windows 7, it runs in a very poor, oily graphics mode which doesn't give the real nice look and feel the game has.

Right click on your “Taskbar” and choose “Start Task Manager”, or you can use the shortcut  Ctrl+Shift+Esc.



While in the Task Manager, click on the “Processes” Tab. Scroll through the list of processes and find “Windows Explorer”. If you don’t find it, tick “Show processes for all users” just beneath. When you find the Windows Explorer, right click on it and then select “End Process”. 
Immediately, all your desktop icons will disappear. Don't worry about this!!


While still in the Windows Task Manager, Go to “File” and select “New Task(Run…)”
 In the window that pops up, type “c:”  without the quotes. This will open your Local drive. Locate your “Desktop” on the left-hand side, and click on it. 
 You will see all the files on your desktop, find “Road Rash” and then double click on it to run.
Now, the game will run in a very nice graphics mode.


When you are done playing, go to the task manager again and click on “File” and select “New Task(Run…)”. This time, you type “Explorer” and hit “Enter” or click on “OK”.This will bring the windows Explorer back. Your desktop icons will all be back!!!.

This article showed you how to run road rush without oily graphics

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Author: Joel Ameah

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