How to save webpage as pdf on google chrome


Tackling this article will help you to know how to save webpage as pdf on google chrome. Never give this opportunity a chance if you want to save webpage as pdf on google chrome. Stay here with me whilst i show you to save web page as pdf on google chrome

We are about to learn how to save a whole or portion of a webpage or text on a browser as pdf without the use of a software. Learning these computing know-how upgrade your skills and knowledge in computing. It might sound unimportant, but ascertaining how it is done shall augment as already said your knowledge in ICT hence creating disparities between you and those who don’t want to learn.  In order to save a webpage as pdf on Google chrome these procedures should be followed in arriving at the final conclusion in saving your webpage as pdf on your Google chrome browser;


Step one

First open to any site on your browser. To save a whole page, right click anywhere on page and choose print. It could be left, right, top or bottom of the page as already said that you wish to right click to choose print


 save webpage as pdf on google chrome


Right clicking page and choosing print displays proceding page for which “change” button must be located to tap. Hitting on change pops up box with “save as pdf”, “Microsoft xps document writer” and “fax” options.


change pdf


Choose “save as pdf” followed by the hitting of “save” button on window to pop up “save as” window on your Google chrome browser. On the save as window, choose the location you want to save file and hit on “save” button to save webpage converted to pdf form.


locate pdf

Afterwards, in order to view work done, go to the facet of your computer you saved file and double clicking on it opens the webpage saved as pdf.


Step two

To save only some text of a webpage on browser, select the text and follow the same procedure you performed in saving a whole web page as pdf. That is you have to highlight the potion of webpage you want to save as pdf, right click and choose print to open print window with its features.



pdf highlight



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Get to how to save webpage as pdf on google chrome


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