cellunlocker.co.uk iCloud Unlock Review-Scam or Legit

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This article is about cellunlocker.co.uk iCloud Unlock Review-Scam or Legit. This is a full detailed and honest review of ,appleiphoneunlock.uk, and cellunlocker.co.uk. Note that, these websites are the same, and are also linked or affiliated to officialiphoneunlock.co.uk.

You can see that, they have the same design and content. So to access any of them, you can simply visit officialiphoneunlock.co.uk., click on the Unlock Icloud link, and you will be redirected to any of them.. Select your iPhone models and enter your IMEI number to begin the unlock process.They promise the amount you will pay is just $27. Let’s wait and see of this is true.cellunlocker.co.uk reviews

After payment, go back to officialiphoneunlock.co.uk., click on the Unlock Icloud link, click on Order tracking, and then enter your IMEI number to view the status of your order.

I was told that the unlock process is at 25% and that, they are trying to unlock the device but if they are not able to unlock, then I would have to make additional payment of $42.



I came back the next day, and I was greeted with this message. I have to provide original proof of purchase receipt, or give them the email address of the owner of the iPhone. If I don’t have any of these then I have to pay the $42, which they called the Auto Removal service.

cellunlocker.co.uk iCloud Unlock Review

I went ahead and made the additional payment of 42 dollars, making the total amount of payment I have made to be $69, that si 27+42.. After some couple of days, I went back to check if my iPhone has been icloud unlocked and this is the shocking message I got..

My iPhone can still not be unlocked, and that I need another iCloud premium service. I was told the iPhone has been marked by Apple as Lost or stolen, that is to say the iPhone has been blacklisted by Apple. According to them, they are willing to refund my money, but only on the condition that, I provide proof that the iPhone has not been blacklisted.cellunlocker.co.uk premium service

They provided a website I could check if my iPhone is blacklisted or not. I later realised the website was owned and operated by them; which meant they will definitely tell you your iPhone is blacklisted. So I decided to use different websites to check the iCloud blacklist status. Two of the websites are mei24.com and swappa.com. All the results from these sites showed that my iPhone has not been blacklisted.

As you can see, these two trusted sites reported my iPhone to be clean and not blacklisted.. After some few minutes when I went to their site again to check, I got another shocking message. I need to pay additional 100 pounds for their premium service before my iPhone can be unlocked. According to them, since i have already made some payments, they are giving me a discount and that I needed to pay only 50 pounds.

They have no shame to even ask for more money after taking $69 already. So in all, if I’m to pay this extra 50 pounds, that will make a total of approximately $120 just to get an iPhone iCloud unlocked. And what even shows they would not ask for more payments even if I had paid this extra 50 pounds?.

So there you are, Take this cellunlocker.co.uk iCloud Unlock Review-Scam or Legit as a life saver, but if you still want to go ahead to pay and go through this same painful experience, I wish you good luck.!

I lost $69 in order to help you save yours, donate to show appreciation

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Author: Joel Ameah

9 thoughts on “cellunlocker.co.uk iCloud Unlock Review-Scam or Legit

  1. Thanks for this info and for saving me from these scammers. I was just about paying for them to remove my iCloud unlocked iPad.

  2. You right in all things above about this fucken web. The same thing happend to me, really they are scammers.

  3. It’s fraud this web appleiphoneunlock.uk don’t pay money. I lost money, they didn’t unlock my Ipad. I payed twice too 19+30 pound and they writte me the same, they can’t unlock my Ipad, need to pay more for special service

  4. Same here. I was about to pay the Premium Unlock when, I saw yours and others. I had already been scamed by unlock-extra.com.

  5. This merchant is a big scam. The initial pricing is very misleading.

    I recently attempted to purchase the iCloud Unlock service which failed due to the merchant being unable to provide this service (the service advertised was not fit for the purpose and was not carried out with reasonable care or skill).

    According to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, I am entitled to a full refund (Statutory rights and Consumer Rights Act 2015). The Mechant issued a useless “credit note.”

    Stay away from this scam company.

  6. Omg I wish I would have read this a month ago I’m out over $100 dollars and can’t return the phone now because it’s to late these people should be ashamed of themselves

  7. Après avoir dépensé 120 € je suis toujours dans la même situation… Téléphone non débloqué comme promis.
    J’ai saisi l’Ambassade de France en Angleterre, et idem en France… Mais rien ne bouge.. On ne va pas se déplacer pour 120 €… Alors un conseil… fuyez ce genre de site…

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