How to Find iPhone WhatsApp Database Location

This tutorial will help you find iPhone WhatsApp database location and also help you get WhatsApp database in iOS iPhone. A free WhatsApp Database Extractor for iPhone will help us get WhatsApp database in iPhone



You must install iTunes on your PC, connect your iPhone or iPad and backup all your device data to your PC before you will be able to find iPhone WhatsApp Database Location and the database file.



On your PC, you must enable “All Hidden Files and Folders“. To do this , go to This PC, on the top menu, click on View and the click on Option at the far right hand corner. A Window will pop up, click on View and then tick “Show hidden files and folders”.



Download and install the free iPhone Backup Browser. The download link can be found at the end of this post.  The application will automatically locate the iTunes backup folder on your PC and automatically extract the WhatsApp database from it. If you wish to use a different iTunes backup, copy the whole content and paste it into this location C:\Users\Yourname\Appdata\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync.



Right click on iPhone Backup Browser and “Run as an Administrator”. When the software opens, Select your iPhone Backup if you have many different iPhone backups. Click on Advance, you should see net.whatsapp.WhatsApp, click on the + icon besides it and then select ChatStorage.sqlite, Contacts.sqlite and MediaiPhone WhatsApp Database Location

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Select where you want the files to be store by clicking on Browse and then click on the extract selected files below the software. All the selected files should be stored at the location you specified. That’s it!

Wondering how to use this database file.  Well, you can use this iPhone WhatsApp Database file to transfer all your WhatsApp files from iPhone to Android.



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