How to Enable WhatsApp Pop Up Notification for PC

This tutorial will demonstrate How to Enable WhatsApp Pop Up Notification for PC. If you are someone like me who is often with his computer, there are instances where you even forget that you have a phone. Yes, I mean, you become so glued to your computer that you sometimes miss lots of WhatsApp notifications on your phone. 
Additionally, there might also be a situation where you may be  charging your phone somewhere whiles doing something  on your computer at a different place. If you have been thinking of a way to g Enable WhatsApp Pop Up Notification for PC, you are at the  right place.
We are going to use an application called ‘Desktop Notification’ which is free of charge. Follow me in the steps below and lets accomplish this.

Go to the PlayStore and search for 'Desktop Notification' or CLICK HERE to download it to your phone.

After you have installed the App, you need to enable ‘Accessibility’ on your Android phone. Once you are done, you must install an extension  to your computer.

For Firefox, CLICK HERE


Once you are done installing the extension, go to your phone and run the App. You will find a particular code.
Enable WhatsApp Pop Up Notification for PC

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Open the browser extension and paste that  code and then click 'Apply'.
Enable WhatsApp Pop Up Notification for PC
That’s all!! The next time you get any WhatsApp message, it will appear on your desktop.
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Author: Joel Ameah

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